Sunday, 3 April 2016


I trotted off to bed last night feeling quite happy 'cos I knew all the rotten painting was finished and that I would be the star attraction in my house on the next day so I was happy. I am not too sure what happened through the night. Maybe it was a wee bad dream, but I wakened up needing a cuddle from my MH, so I lay on her chest and purred into her face until she wakened up and cuddled me all better. It was very dark but she knew where I was and she stroked me and whispered to me and I was very happy and then I went to sleep and had some lovely dreams.

When it was time to get up, I was a wee bit annoyed to find that it was raining and not a very good day at all, so I knew we would be staying inside, but I was OK with that 'cos I knew my humans would play with me if I wanted, but I was happy just resting.

I was in the middle of one of these rests, when my friend S.came to see me and we had a lovely afternoon together. She lifted me up and cuddled me and called me her 'ickle wickle' again and that always makes me happy, so, although it has not been the bestest of days outside, I have still been a very happy puss inside!

I hope you have had a good day.

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