Saturday, 23 April 2016


.... it hasn't bee the bestest of days for weather so me and my humans have been inside my house all day. My DH was the only one to go out and he just did that 'cos the birdies needed some dinner, but me and the old dear stayed in the warm and dry.

Although I was a tad annoyed that it was cold and even snowing at one time, I was happy 'cos my MH told me that if it had been a good day, she was going to the beach with my friend S. and some of the little childrens to clean it up 'cos this is 'Bag the Bruck' weekend in Orkney where lots of peoples go on the beaches and pick up all the bits of rubbish and then put them in bags for the rubbish place, but it was too cold for them so my MH stayed with me. She might go tomorrow if it is warmer and not snowing.

There are some baby lambs being borned and I feel so sorry for them when they get snowed on, but there is nothing I can do 'cos there are too many of them to come into my house. I did ask one year, but the humans said no, and I knew by the way they said it to me that there was no point in arguing. Not even my saddest face worked, so I don't try any more. And to be honest, I have seen what they have left lying in the field and I wouldn't like THAT on my carpet! Hee hee

But apart from that, I have had a very good day and a very lazy day, but I shall probably venture out later on to see what is happening on my little island, although I have a feeling it will be a very quick run round and then back indoors to get warmed up again.

I don't like being cold. I was made to be a warm puss and that's what I intend to be, thank you very much!

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