Friday, 15 April 2016

What a day

It has been summer and winter all day today and I have been caught in it every time. This morning was lovely so I nipped outside and had a slow leisurely stroll across my fields listening to the little birds and sniffing the air and I was very contented.

Both my humans went out at lunch time 'cos my DH had to go to the pier and my MH was going to say hello to the other little pussy cat, so I just sat in my garden and waited till they came home to me and then I played with the string off the boxes and it was great fun.

Me and my MH played hide and Squeak in the afternoon and then I decided to go out play again and although it was a bit cold, I thought it would be fine, but oh dear me, I was wrong. So, so wrong! It snowed! real, cold, wet snow and I was stuck outside! Oh dear. I was too far away to run home without getting covered in it, so I had to try and find a wee bit of shelter until it went off again and then I ran as fast as these four adorable little paws could take me, back to my window sill and then I hammered on the window until the old dear let me in again. Phew.

But do you know something, my dear friends? I was almost worth it 'cos when I got inside,my MH felt so sorry for me that she dried me and then gave me a great big cuddle to warm me up again and I liked it millions!

Thankfully, the snow has gone off again bit it is still very cold and a bit breezy, so I am now sitting beside my MH with my head on her keyboard and that's where I intend to stay for as long as I feel like it.

Maybe getting caught in the snow isn't so bad after all!

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