Monday, 18 April 2016

What a Day

It has been like winter on my little island with lots of rain and a very naughty wind that blew me all over the place when I went out, so I only went out when I really, really had to but thankfully I didn't have to very often.

It was cleaning day in my house as usual so I spent lots of time on top of the beds, but I did get a few cuddles from my MH whenever she took a wee break and that made me happy. She didn't need to go out today 'cos my friend S. is back home again, so her little puss will be very happy.

My DH had a good day at the Cat Shop but he was late home 'cos he was very busy so me and my MH had a long day together. The wind is getting blowier so until it quietens down a bit, I am staying all curled up on my chair in the living room. My little weather man friend says it will be better tomorrow so maybe I will get out to play a bit more which would be good.

I am very happy indoors, especially if there is a human or two with me, but I am very happy when I can get outside as I have a lot of hunting and exploring to do, so all my little paws are crossed for good weather tomorrow, please.

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