Friday, 20 May 2016

A Good Day

I have had another good day and the weather hasn't been too bad so I have been able to get out to play a lot. My MH wasn't all that happy though 'cos the grass is getting long and it is still too wet for her to play with her mower, so she was a bit grumpy especially when my little weather man friend told us it was going to rain again so she might not get the grass cut any time soon. Shame!

She was also a tad grumpy 'cos I had eaten a bit of her fish! Now, you know that I am normally a very good little puss, but she had left the fish out to thaw and I could smell it and it was a very good smell. It was all wrapped up, but I managed to make a tiny hole in the bag and had a little nibble, and it was delicious. AND, when my MH found out, she was a wee bit annoyed, but then she just smiled, and we all know why, don't we? 'Cos she loves me MILLIONS!

I went into the gym with her and we had good fun and then played for a while which was great and then there were lots of seats on her knee, so I know I am forgiven.

But then I knew I would be!

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