Thursday, 12 May 2016

A No News Day

'And why is there no news?' I hear you all ask, and of course I shall tell you. My MH was going away to Kirkwall and my DH was supposed to be going with her, but he has got a cold, so he didn't go. That's what he told her, but I think he didn't want to leave me on my own which was very fine by me. I'm never frightened on my own 'cos my little island is very safe and I know everybody and they all love me, but I prefer when I have human company.

So, off she went and yours truly nipped out of the window 'cos it was another lovely, warm day and just a day for being in the fresh air. I can't tell you exactly what I did 'cos it is only my MH who knows what I do, but I can tell you what she did 'cos she told me. See?

She had a lovely day with our friends P. and M. from the island and she tooked her camera with her so that you could see some of what she saw.

There are lots of little birdies all over our island and there are lots of little sea birdies as well and these two are guillemots and my MH told me that they have little red feets and I really like that idea. Maybe the next time my humans have paint out, I will dip my little paw into it and see which colour might suit me best, eh?

This other birdie is a type of cormorant or shag as they are called here and he is a big birdie. The special thing about shags is that after they have been in the water, they have to jump onto a big rock and stretch their wings out to dry, but she didn't get a picture of them doing that. Maybe another time.

This is our big lighthouse and our friends P. and there and some of the little childrens who come for guitar lessons live next door.

This last picture is of the Weeping Window at Kirkwall Cathedral and it is a poppy display which started in London as a much bigger display, but then some of the poppies were sold and these ones are going on a tour and my MH wanted to see them. She said they were lovely and she might show you some more of her pictures another time.

So, although there is no news about what I did today, there is a wee bit of other news for you, which I hope you like, and I shall be back tomorrow.

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