Friday, 13 May 2016

Back to Normal

Both my humans were here with me and it was string day, so I was a happy Squeak. The only thing that upset me was that all the lovely heat has gone away and it is cold again. I almost asked my MH to find me a wee coat, but then I had a better idea. So, when she sat down,I cuddled up beside her. Magic!

My DH played with me for a long time with a big bit of string and I liked it lots. I did go out to play a couple of times but I wasn't really very happy, so I had a quick look at the little lambs and then nipped back inside again.

So, apart from that, I have spent most of my day sleeping. Either on my MH's knee or on one of my many resting places. I will go out later on, but I think I shall only stay out for a little while and then jump onto the bed beside my MH for a good night's sleep.

Yes. Definitely back to normal.


  1. Sorry the cold has come back. It was nice here yesterday, but today we have rain. It's a lovely picture of you Squeak.

  2. Thank you Bonnie. The back of my couch is one of my favourite resting places.