Monday, 2 May 2016


I have had another good day and that came as a little surprise 'cos I wakened up very early and heard the rain again, so I thought I wouldn't be able to get out to play, but by the time I got up, the rain was off again and the sun was shining, so I nipped out to see how many more baby sheeps there were, and there was a LOT more. I wish I could count and then I could tell you how many there are, but I can't. However, I know somebody who CAN! I will ask my MH to count them for you. I just hope she doesn't fall asleep while she is doing it!

When I was out, I noticed that there are some tiny little babies and they stay close to their mummy sheep, but there are some bigger ones who run round the field in a little 'lamb gang' and sometimes I wish I could play with them and run round like they do, but I don't want to frighten them, so I just watch.

There were a few heavy rain showers but fortunately I was inside at the time and me and my MH just watched from the window and then I settled down on her knee to have a rest. Watching all these little lambs makes me sleepy, you know!

My DH was late home 'cos he went shopping after he finished at the Cat Shop, so after he had his dinner I helped him in the greenhouse and some of our little plants and flowers are beginning to grow now but he still doesn't have any tomatoes yet so I am looking forward to that.

I don't have very much news for you as I am just doing all the little normal things, but it all those little normal things that make me one very happy little pussy cat.


  1. We are having rainy days too, Squeak. I am glad you had some sunshine. I have been 'off' for a while, but am 'on' again (I hope), so I have missed some of your adventures. A normal day is good compared to a bad day. so enjoy the normal. My daughter has lots of baby sheeps too, around 60 I think. They are so sweet. I like to watch them too. Here's a little scritch under your dear little chin. I have been lax in working on your painting, but hopefully I shall get back to it soon.

  2. Hello Bonnie. It is so good to hear from you 'cos me and my MH were wondering if you were OK, but you are and that's good.Thank you for your scritch which my MH passed on to me and I have asked her to send you a very special 'keep well' purr from me just for you.