Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Yes, you have guessed. I was 'ringing' again last night. Not just one time. Not even two times, but three times I went out in the pouring rain and three times I came home soaking wet with all the rain that was dropping on my little island. My poor old DH was tired getting the towels to make me dry again, but it was my MH who was the crossest, 'cos I came running in the second time and ran right up onto the bed beside her before the old boy had made me dry! Oops. Sorry MH.

I had been inside all day so I had lots of energy to use up before I went to sleep, so I girded my adorable little loins and went out into the weather to have a wander round about but it was so very wet I didn't stay out too long, but as soon as I went home and got dried, I wanted out again.

I think my DH was getting a wee bit fed up with me, but he didn't mind 'cos he loves me too. When I finally decided to stay in for the night I had a wee quick look in the mirror in case I had shrinked 'cos I heard my humans saying that water can make things get littler and I was sort of covered in water, but when I looked I was exactly the same.

Cute and adorable!----Oh, and modest, but you can't see that bit. Hee hee

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