Friday, 27 May 2016

Friday Fun

There was just one wee disappointment today for this adorable little puss. Our message boxes were sealed with sticky tape today! No string! Can you imagine how upset I was? I look forward to a Friday lunch time every week and today was no exception, but when I looked at the boxes I was not pleased. Not pleased at all. In fact, I went and had a sulk as maybe you can see? Hee hee

It had been good fun up till then 'cos I sat with my MH as she watched Andy winning his match and she didn't need to shout at my television very much today which is a lot better for us both 'cos it hurts her voice and my lugs so I am happier when she isn't roaring.

I didn't sit all the time as I kept nipping in and out of my window to get some sunshine on my little body and I was lovely and warm again. One time when I was out, I noticed three or four of these boats passing my window and the old dear told me the navy were sending lots of boats to Orkney for some celebration later on and one like this might come to my little island to let everyone have a look round so my humans are looking forward to that.Maybe my MH will be able to get some pictures for you.

We went into the gym and then played on the grass and that's when she tooked this picture of me and it looks as though there are two Squeaks, sure it does? But there isn't. There is just me, but the old dear tooked it through the window and that is my reflections you see. See?

I am now back in my wee hoose having a rest, but it is a lovely night so I shall soon be heading out into my fields to see what I can find. This is my favourite time of the day and I love it when I can play out as long as I like 'cos the window is open for me to come home whenever I feel like it.


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