Tuesday, 3 May 2016

More Fun

It was changing beds day in my house today and I just love helping my MH and she says it is amazing the difference I make to her work. I think that must be in a good way, but there was something in her voice when she was telling my friend S. that did make me wonder. But only for a second, and then I decided that I was right. I do help her and she loves me for it. So there.

It is my favourite job in my house and I hide under the sheets when she is taking them off and she just slides me down the bed, and then I try and hide again when she puts the new ones on, but she usually sees me and gently lifts me off and puts me on a chair. But by the time she has turned back to the bed, can you guess where I am? Of course you can. Right back where I shouldn't be!! But my very favourite place is inside the duvet cover and I managed it today before she caught me and moved me again. Oh, it was such good fun and we both loved it lots.

I was in and out lots of times as it has been quite a good day on my little island and I saw some more baby sheeps and they are adorable. Nearly as adorable as moi, but not quite. Hee hee. My MH tooked this picture of some of the mummy sheeps-in-waiting for you and some of the little lambs as well as this birdie at the feeder at the other side of my house. We have one outside the living room where all the little birdies come for their dinner, but this one is for the bigger birdies and it has a bath in it too, and sometimes I have a wee drink out of it, but only when the birdies have gone away.

I like this last picture that my DH tooked last night. As you can see, I am in my normal night position and I am so tired having just told my MH what to write to you, that I decided to have a little snooze on her keyboard and I do understand that it makes it a wee bit difficult for the old dear to do any more work, but she doesn't mind 'cos she loves it when I cuddle up beside her and I love it too.

So, I have had a very fun day and I hope your day has been a good one too.

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