Thursday, 5 May 2016

Not a Great Day

Not too bad a day, but not my best, I'm afraid. For some reason, my MH decided that she needed to do some painting, so my DH was sent out to get white paint and brushes and his sanding machine. Now the paint and brush wasn't too bad, but oh my dear friends, what a noise he made with that sanding machine. I took to my bed but didn't get much peace until he was finished getting it all ready for the old dear to get started.

She was painting all the woodwork in our bathroom and in the spare room and I have to admit that it does look lovely now, but I was rather annoyed that she had very little time for me. Oh, she did come and give me a wee cuddle, but I wanted to play and she couldn't. Sigh!

THEN! As if things weren't bad enough, I heard her telling the old boy that the V-E-T was coming to my island on Monday and as well as looking at the cows he was coming to see me and my feline friend Button and to say we are not happy puss cats is a slight understatement. The only slightly good thing about it is that I don't have to be put in my cage and taken away on the boat, so I suppose I shouldn't really complain.

But I intend to milk it for all that it is worth the whole weekend!

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