Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sleepy Sunday

There is very little news for you today 'cos I have been sleeping a lot. I have a master plan. Remember I told you that the V-E-T was coming to stick a big needle in to me tomorrow? Well, I decided that if I slept all day today, I wouldn't be tired tomorrow and I could stay out until after he was away! Magic plan or what?

I have been outside quite a lot though as I had to have a wee look at all the baby sheeps and they are getting cuter by the day. Some are playing in gangs now and are running round the fields doing silly jumps as they run. When nobody was looking, I tried one of those jumps, but I haven't quite perfected it yet. I shall keep trying though. Oh, I have just had a thought. If I do one of these jumps tomorrow when the vet person is here, maybe I will be mistaken for a sheep and not get injected. Another brilliant plan. No wonder I am tired, with all this thinking!

My humans have been in and out with me lots of times and we have also had time to play together, so I have had good fun too. I am snoozing now but I shall be going out to play soon.

It is a lovely evening so I think I shall probably stay out late and wander round all the fields to see the sheeps. I know I will like that lots.

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