Sunday, 22 May 2016

Super Sunday

Guess what? The rain has finally gone away and my little island has been sunny and warm today which made me a very happy puss, and since my MH was able to get the grass all cut for me, she is very happy too.

We had a lazy morning just sitting having a chat and me having my lugs tickled and stroked and then the old dear said to my DH that she would take out the mower, he just shooked his head and said the grass would still be too wet. So, we sat for a wee while longer and then she went and had a feel and decided she would try to play with the mower and soon it was all done and looking good, with me watching as usual. And that's what today's pictures are 'cos I thought you would like to see all my garden. There are three different bits for her to cut and then my DH goes round with the strimmer to make it all lovely and I think you will like it.

I even have a picture of the pesky swallows who left me in peace today. Maybe the peskiest one hasn't come back yet. I hope! But I have a serious story for you today. My MH was my hero and saved my adorable little life.

Picture the scene. There we were in the garden. Her and her mower running round the grass and me sitting on the path just watching her when suddenly there was a doggy in my garden heading straight for me! Oh shock, horror. What was I to do? It was a visitor doggy and didn't know it wasn't supposed to be in my garden.

Well, the old dear leapt into action as quick as lightening and very loudly told the doggy to 'shoo!' and off he went as quick as his legs could take him and I stopped shaking. Especially when I got a very special cuddle from my hero!


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  1. Bad doggy. Glad your MH shooed it away. I am also glad you had a good day, and your grass looks lovely. You did a good job supervising. The rain has come my way now, but that is good.