Thursday, 23 June 2016

A Beautiful Day

It has been warm and sunny on my little island all day and I have been outside nearly all the time and loving every single second of it.

As soon as I had finished my breakfast, I was off out of the window and into the nice warm sunshine and I spent my morning just wandering from the heat to the shade and back to the heat again. Brilliant!

My DH was doing lots of work in our greenhouse and getting it all ready before he goes away his holiday. I am pleased to tell you that he is feeling a lot better now so my MH won't have to go on her own! Hee hee I went in a few times to see how he was getting on and he showed me some baby green tomatoes which are starting to grow on the plants and I gave them a little purr. My friend M. will help me to look after them till my humans come back to me again.

I got what might be some good news tonight 'cos my friend A. might be able to stay with me for a few nights before he has to go away and that would make me very happy. It is not definite yet, but me and my MH have everything crossed.

My MH was doing some housework this morning, but in the afternoon she did some weeding and I helped her pull out all the naughty little weeds and my garden is looking good now. I think there will be lots of weeds for her to pull out when she comes home again. Oh dear. But yours truly will be on paw to help her. 'On Paw'---get it?

It is a beautiful night so after I have had a snooze in my wee hoose, I shall be going outside again and since the weather is good, my humans will be able to leave the window open so I can stay out as late as I want.

And I think I might be very late!

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