Saturday, 18 June 2016

A Long Sleep

The alarm didn't go off this morning and we were all very happy about that 'cos we don't like getting up early. Sometimes me and my MH are up through the night and after we have a wee chat and a wander round my house, we go back to bed and that's what we did this morning and we all liked that.

It was a fine morning, so as soon as I finished my breakfast, I was off to see what was happening in my territory and my MH watched me through the window and gave me my little drink of milk when she finished her cereal.

My DH is still sneezing a lot but he told me he was feeling better and he did go out a few times, so naturally I had to go with him and make sure he was fine. I did think the lawn mower might be making an appearance, but the old dear was going to the Hall this afternoon to do craft things with her friends, so she didn't have time but I did hear her tell the old boy she might do it tomorrow.

She was watching Andy playing tennis before she went out and saw the end of it when she came home, so I think if she does cut our grass tomorrow, it will need to be before he plays his game. She won't want to miss it.

She decided to clean our porch today and put everything outside as you can see. I thought she was putting the carpet out to make me feel more comfortable so I gave it a wee try, but to be honest I prefer the feel of the path on my adorable little body, so I sat on it for a wee while to please her, but then I wandered off again to do my own thing.

I am now cuddled in beside my MH as she is typing this and my little head is on the keyboard and for some reason my MH is making a lot of tutting noises, so I think she is making some mistakes, but I don't know why. Hee hee

That is a wee fib, 'cos we ALL know why, don't we? :-))

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