Friday, 3 June 2016

A Much Gooder Day

When I wakened up this morning, I ran to the window and saw that it wasn't wet, so as soon as I had gobbled up my breakfast, I was out into my garden and I was very, very happy.

It had been raining yesterday so the grass is still too wet for the old dear to be cutting it, so I knew I would get peace and quiet as long as I was outside. Lovely! Although it was still a wee bit windy, the window could be left open so I was able to nip in and out as much as I liked, so I have hardly been in my house at all today. I just nip in every now and then to make sure my humans are OK and to get a wee cuddle and sometimes a wee feed. I have had it just the way I like it, thank you very much!

I just had a wee bit of a disappointment when my DH came back with the boxes 'cos they were stuck with parcel tape again which isn't nearly as good fun to play with. In fact, I can't play with it at all!

So, my day has been good, but my MH told me some bad news and that is that I have to be left all alone tonight 'cos for some reason known only to himself, my DH has decided to take my MH over to Stromness for her dinner. I did tell him she was quite happy making her dinner here with me, but he said they were going and that was that! Not a happy Squeak!

It will just be for a wee while though, and I think they will probably leave the window open for me and then I will be able to play for a while when they come home to me again.

So I suppose I shouldn't really complain.....but I will! Hee hee.

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