Friday, 17 June 2016

A Quiet Time

We have all had a very quiet day today because for the second day in a row, our alarm went off at half past seven o'clock in this morning and in my house, that is practically unheard of! So why did it happen, I hear you thinking. Well, my DH had to take himself over to Stromness to see the doctor and he needed to get the early boat, but once we said bye bye to him, me and my MH snuggled up again for another little snooze.

He was soon home again and the doctor said he has a chest infection and has to take some pills to make him all better, so he has been resting today. My MH has been busy doing all the work she didn't get done yesterday and I have just been following her around watching her but every now and then I would find my MH and give him a purr too. Well, you don't want him to be left out when he isn't feeling well, do you?

When she was all finished her work, me and my MH settled down on my couch to watch Andy winning his tennis match, but my MH did say a lot of 'Oh Andy's before he did. But he won and that was the main thing.

I think we might all be having an early bed time tonight as my humans are quite tired and it is too cold for me to be out too late, so I won't complain at all.

Oh I am such an understanding and adorable little pussy cat!

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  1. Yes you are an understanding and adorable puss cat. Take good care of your DH and give your MH some special cuddles too.