Monday, 6 June 2016

All Alone....

.... but not too unhappy. It was another glorious day on my beloved little island, but both my humans had to go to Stromness so I was left all on my own from half past ten o'clock in this morning until four o'clock in this afternoon.

It was fine really 'cos as the weather was so good, they could leave the window open for me and I could come and go as much as I liked. The only wee problem is that I don't have any news for you. Shame!

I had a very good night as I was out playing until very late and although both my humans went to bed, the window stayed open so that meant that I could nip in for a snooze and then nip out again and I had the very bestest of fun. When I was finally tired, I nipped in beside my MH and had the loveliest snooze until it was morning and time to start all over again.

Oh, I love being me when the weather is like this and I hope you like being you, too. I will have lots more news for you tomorrow, I hope.

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