Sunday, 26 June 2016

Bye Bye

I have had another very good day, but I am a little bit sad 'cos this is the last time I will be able to tell you my stories until my humans come back again. They don't go away until Tuesday morning, but my MH says she will be busy tomorrow and will need to put her camera in the case so she won't write to you. I hope you won't miss me too much, but I will have lots and lots to tell you later on, so I hope you are not too sad.

We all had a super duper morning. It was warm and sunny so we were all outside doing lots of exciting things. The old dear was cutting the grass and I watched her from my path and the old boy was varnishing our benches, so I sat beside him for a long time and watched him too. When my grass was all ready, I had a roll on it and it felt lovely. My MH has put some pictures of the sunsets and the views from my garden as well as one of my very good self which she hopes will keep you going for a couple of weeks.

I was playing with my MH for a wee while and then when she turned away I nipped through the fence and she couldn't find me 'cos I was hiding in the long grass which covered me all up. Then I played a trick on her 'cos I crept up towards where she was standing but she still couldn't see me moving until I popped up my adorable little head and that made her laugh.

My friend M. came to see me and to get all the instructions for looking after me when A. goes away to his graduation. I Just wish I could write 'cos I would add on a few things to the list! Hee hee. I think my MH has asked half the island to look after me but I have told her I shall be fine and I will be a very good puss, but she still doesn't want to leave me, and I can't say I blame her!

So, I hope you will be fine and I will look forward to telling you all about my adventures when my humans come back to me.

I think my MH had just told me a very funny story here.

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  1. I hope you humans have a wonderful trip, and that you will be an extra good kitty while they are away.