Tuesday, 7 June 2016


There was a wee bit of excitement in my house this morning. Me and my MH were up first and when we went into the living room, there was one of my little birdie friends flying around! Oh my, what a surprise we all got. It was flying about the room and I just watched it. It settled down on my window sill and I jumped up beside it to give it a wee cuddle. I wasn't going to hurt it, but my MH told me to leave the little birdie and she gave it a safer cuddle then opened the window to let it fly away again. And we were all very happy ---'specially the little birdie!

My day just got better after that as it was so lovely and warm that all the windows and the door were open so I could come and go just as I wanted. My MH was busy doing all the housework she couldn't do yesterday and my DH was working at her little kangaroo car 'cos it is sick and won't go for her and she is not best pleased which meant I had to cheer her up lots of times, but I know just what do do. Shall I tell you? Okey dokey. I sit very close to her and I purr very loudly and then I give her chin some of my gentle-ish head butts and she likes those 'cos they make her laugh so then I know she isn't fed up any more. My DH smiles too when he sees me doing this 'cos he thinks it makes me look sooooo cute! Yep, spot on DH!!

There were lots of times when the old dear came outside with me and I helped her wash all the outsides of the windows 'cos I am afraid that some of my little birdie friends had done something they shouldn't have---if you know what I mean? But we got them all clean and sparkling again and the Boss is happy. Today's picture is me watching a fly on my window and I am trying to tell it not to make a mess of it.

I was able to stay out as long as I wanted last night and the old boy even left the window open all night which meant I was able to go out when it was really, really late. It doesn't get dark on my little island and I just love being out when everybody on the island is sound asleep and it's just me, the mouses and some of the night time birdies. I think I am definitely a summer time puss.

I hope you are enjoying your summer time too if it is summer time where you are, that is.There are people all over this whole wide world that know all about me and that makes me a wee bit very excited. I hope you enjoy reading all about me.

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