Saturday, 25 June 2016

Happy Me

... I am having the bestest time of my life 'cos the weather on my little island is still beautiful and I have hardly been in my house the whole day. I just nip in to have a wee feed or to make sure my MH isn't missing me too much. I let her give me a wee cuddle and then I disappear into the outside again. Brilliant.

There was a tiny wee drop of rain this morning but that soon went away and the sun came out and warmed up the grass for me to lie on. I did hear the old dear say that if it stayed dry she would cut the grass tomorrow before she goes away 'cos it will be very long when she comes home. Maybe my friend A. will be able to cut it before he has to go away too. He can stay with me for some nights and that has made the old dear feel a bit better 'cos she doesn't want to leave me at all. But I shall be fine. Especially if my little weather man friend keeps sending me weather like this!

I got some good news today 'cos my friend B. told me that she knows two brand new baby kittens who are going to be in my paw pal club and I was very happy to hear that.Just think of all the things I can teach them 'cos I am six and a half now and that is very grown up and although I still like to play and do kitten things with my humans, I am very wise and can teach these little puss cats lots and lots of things. Super!

I think I will be able to write to you tomorrow but that will be the last message for a while until my humans come home to me again. I shall ask the old dear to put on a 'specially good picture of moi for you to keep in your head for a couple of weeks.

I do hope you won't miss me too much and I hope you have a lovely time until I come back to you.

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