Saturday, 4 June 2016

I Have a Story For You

I have had a great day, but I had an even better night last night. My humans said I was a bit naughty, but I say I was just being high spirited. Shall I explain? Of course, I hear you yell. So, are you sitting comfortably? OK, here goes.

As you know, my humans went away and left me all alone last night while they went to Stromness for a meal. It was a fine evening, so they left the window open for me, but to be honest, I sat on my chair and I think I must have dozed off, for the next thing I heard was them coming home to me again. So, this meant I had a lot of energy still to be used up. I went out to play for quite a while before they went to bed, but during the night I wakened up feeling full of beans and I asked my MH would she please play with me, but she told me she was too tired 'cos it was the middle of the night and would I please go away and let her sleep.

Well, I wasn't best pleased but in all my six years I have learned not to argue with her when she is tired, so I decided to amuse myself and off I went exploring in our bedroom. I made a 'plop' sound as I landed on the ottoman on top of my MH's dressing gown and as she hadn't got back to sleep again, she told me later that she was half watching to see what I was doing. Just in case! Hmm, wise woman!

There were another couple of 'plops' as I took my adorable little self onto the dressing table and then a bigger 'plop' as I landed on top of the wardrobe. At this point, my MH was wide away and sort of whispered a shout at me to get down. So.....

.... I launched my adorable little self off the top of said wardrobe and landed on top of my sound asleep DH. I will give you a minute to conjure up that picture. OK? Did he get a fright? Did he shout at me? Did he waken? NO! He did NOT! He grunted and turned over and didn't even know I was there! This made my MH giggle so I launched my little self at her, and she DID know I had landed! But she cuddled me and we had a wee chat until I falled asleep again. Magic. We told my DH all about it this morning and he just shooked his head and thought we were telling porkies. As if we would!!

Sure that's a good story today? Hee hee

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