Wednesday, 1 June 2016

I Think....

.... I will have to stop watching Andy playing tennis 'cos my adorable little head is buzzing and my nerves are all jangling after this afternoon. I am so happy he won but me and my dear old MH don't think we are strong enough to watch any more matches. BUT--he has been brilliant and I know my MH doesn't want to miss any more games, so I think she will probably watch him, but I think I might hide.

I have had a good day although I have needed a few wee snoozes 'cos I was out very late last night. My DH needed to get to bed quite early so that he could get up in time to go to the Cat Shop, so he decided to leave the window open for me and that meant that I could stay out as long as I wanted and then when I was ready, I just nipped in through the window, jumped up beside my MH and told her I was home, so she got up and closed the window and then she told me it was nearly two o'clock in this morning! Oops!

I sat on my window sill and watched the little sheeps and then I had a wander out into the fields beside them and for a long time I just lay there watching them all jumping and running and it made me very happy to watch them.

They are really beautiful little animals and they all play like little children running round in a gang and playing with one another and sometimes I wish I had another wee puss to play with but then I think about playing with my MH and I realise that's all I want.

My humans make me very, very happy.

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