Wednesday, 22 June 2016


I have had a very good day. Lots of peace and quiet up until just before teatime when the little childrens arrived and then my house was noisy. A LOT noisy and normally it is nice and quiet, but not when the childrens come!

The weather has been good sometimes and bad sometimes too and one time I was outside when it was pouring with rain and my MH was very surprised when I finally went home 'cos I was dry! And she doesn't know where I was. Shame.

I spent most of my day just nipping in and out and when I nipped in, I had a rest in my wee hoose and that's where I was when the little childrens arrived with their guitars. They asked my MH where I was and she didn't tell them but the little boy found me and cuddled me which I rather liked. He told my MH that he loved me and could he please have me! Of course, she said no, but he said he would give her a bar of chocolate and I am sure I saw her swithering for a second, but she still said no! He is lovely but I am going nowhere so if my MH wants chocolate she will need to buy it! I think they were kidding.

When they were all playing their guitars, we all got a surprise when my friend A. came in to see me and to listen to the childrens and he told them they were doing well. He told me he was sorry he couldn't look after me and I told him it was OK because all these little childrens had told me that they would come and see me so I don't think I shall be too lonely.

I just hope they don't play their guitars when they are here!

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