Thursday, 16 June 2016


... I waited and I saw. All the alarms in our bedroom went off this morning at half past seven o'clock and that for my humans is quite early, but we all got up 'cos they were going to Kirkwall. My MH had to take her knee into the hospital so that it could have its picture taken. My MH told me it is called an X-Ray but that's what it means. Her knee has been a bit sore and the doctor says she might need a new one to go with her new hip and that's why it had to have its picture done. See?

So, up we all got but my DH was still coughing and sneezing ( and doing a lot of moaning too, between you and me!)so my MH suggested that he should go back to bed and she would go herself. Well. I kid you not my dear friends. The words were not even out of her mouth until he was back in bed and snoring! Oh we did chuckle, me and her. It was funny. But, he phoned the doctor and he has to go to Stromness tomorrow so that the doctor can make him better again 'cos my MH said it would be a shame if she has to go to Greece herself, and to be honest, I don't think he is too sure if she is kidding or not! Oh she is funny sometimes.

Anyway, I had to look after the old boy and we had a very quiet day but when my MH came home again, she told me I had done a very good job, so I was pleased. It has been wet on my little island and it was wet where my MH was too 'cos she was a wee bit ringing when she came home and she was cold, but after a lot of cuddles and purrs from yours truly, she was all warmed up and happy again.

I think we might be in bed early tonight 'cos I know my MH is tired and my DH has to get up at half past seven in tomorrow morning and this time he can't go back to bed, or the Boss will not be pleased. I will let you know how he gets on and what my MH's knee picture was like.

I know you will want to hear that news :-))

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