Tuesday, 14 June 2016


I got a surprise today at dinner time. I had had a good morning outside in all the lovely heat. I managed to find a lovely cosy clump of grass in one of the fields near my house and I lay there just watching and listening. I think I must have been well hidden 'cos the swallows didn't bother me at all. To be honest, they have been very good to me this summer. Maybe the peskiest one has gone somewhere else for his holidays. I hope so 'cos I don't like being dive bombed ---- in my own garden as well. Just not right, is it?

Anyway, my humans nipped out for a while just before lunchtime 'cos my DH, who still has an awful cold that is making him cough and sneeze and my MH thinks she might need to go her holidays on her own, had to go to the boat and my MH was going down to visit my friend S.'s pussy cat. They left the door open for me so I knew I could get in if I wanted to, but I was happier outside just waiting for them to come back, and it was then that I got my surprise.

My MH had ordered some butcher meat and it came in a box WITH STRING! Yippee. My DH and me played for ages and ages and then when I was tired, I nipped inside the box as you can see.Oh, it was good fun.

Later on, I went into the gym with my MH and I had a play on my path while she was putting on her shoes. I hope you like the picture of me in mid-roll. Not terribly fetching I know, but almost an action shot. Hee hee.

The other picture is of my sheep friends and mr. oyster catcher who makes a dreadful noise if we go near him, but my MH told me he is only protecting his nest and maybe some little baby oyster catchers, so now I understand and I won't disturb him.

I think he is a lovely bird and I am sure he thinks I am a lovely puss. And how right he is!

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