Friday, 15 July 2016

A Great Day

I have had a brilliant day and you all know why, don't you? Yep. It's 'cos my humans are back with me again. I had a very good night's sleep and I have found a new way of helping me to nod off. I counted my MH's freckles!! I put my adorable little body on her chest and I started to count all the freckles on her face but before I got to about a million I was sound asleep!

When we got up this morning, I sat on her knee and got my little drop of milk which I had missed for ages and ages and ages. I went out to play for a while but I loved coming back in again 'cos every time I nipped in through the window my MH said 'hello my wee darling' and I liked that lots.

I didn't even mind when she cut the grass and she was very happy 'cos just as she finished, the rain came on!

So, we are all back to normal again and I for one am a very happy little pussy cat.

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