Friday, 22 July 2016

Abandoned Again!

I have been left all alone again today and I was not at all happy about it, I can tell you. My humans didn't go away too early and I did notice that they weren't carrying any cases, so I figured out that they would be home to me soon----and they were.

When they did come back,my MH told me that she had been at the dentist man and I did feel a wee bit sorry for being annoyed, but if she had told me that BEFORE they went away, I wouldn't have been annoyed. See?

Another thing that made me annoyed was the weather wasn't good when they went away so the window had to be closed and I was stuck inside from half past ten o'clock until half past four o'clock, but I settled down and had a snooze till I heard my door opening and then I scooted into the kitchen to say hello to my humans.

Once I had greeted them, I went out to play for a while as the rain had gone off and it was quite warm on my little island and then when I came home again, my dinner was ready so I gobbled that up and went outside again to make up for lost time. I was a much cheered up little puss by then.

And I am still very happy. I hope you are too.

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