Sunday, 24 July 2016

Naughty Mist

Remember that I told you we were all hoping to see some fireworks last night, but it was a bit misty? Well, the mist went away for a little while and then came back again so that nobody on my island could see the fireworks and we were all a tad peeved. My humans opened the window and I sat on the sill and we watched and listened. We could hear them banging and we saw a couple of flashes of colour, but that was all. It was a shame, but that's what happened.

Today has been a bit better but there has been a little bit of rain. However, that didn't keep me in and I have been outside lots of times today just doing all the things that a pussy cat should do, and that this pussycat loves doing.

My MH went out for a while to do crafty things with her friends, so I had to look after my DH and we had a lovely time together and then when the old dear came back, I plonked my adorable little self on nher knee and listened while she told me all the things she had been doing and I purred while she was talking so that she knew I was listening.

So, we have all had a very good day and I hope you have had a good day too.

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