Saturday, 16 July 2016

Normal Sevice.....

... is well and truly resumed. My humans are still a bit tired from all their travelling and holidaying, so we all had a good long sleep last night and we didn't get up too early, but when we did, our old routine started right away and I for one was very happy!

Me and my MH were up first and I sat on her knee while she had her cereal and waited very patiently for my little drop of milk and I made the old dear smile 'cos I was purring all the time I was drinking. My friend M. told my MH that she liked my purr so I must remember to purr for her whenever she comes back to see me.

I went out into my garden for a while but it was a bit wet and cold, so I didn't stay out very long and nipped back in through my window to sit with my MH for a while before she did some ironing and even then I stayed with her 'cos I know that helps her lots.

And that has been my day really. In and out but not out for long and when I am in, I am sitting with my MH 'cos she owes me lots and lots of cuddles which I am making sure I get!

But I know she likes it when I cuddle in beside her so we are both very happy right now.

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