Monday, 18 July 2016

Not A Great Day.....

.... for weather that is. Everything else is just fine and dandy thank you very much. We all had another very good sleep but we had to get up a bit earlier today 'cos my DH was going back to the Cat Shop for the first time in a while and the poor old soul was a bit excited so me and my MH just smiled at him.

He went away on the boat and we had a chat about what our day was going to be like. My MH told me she had quite a lot of work to do and when I saw the rain, I knew I wouldn't get out to play too much, so I just settled down on the back of my couch and watched as the old dear flew round my house with her dusters and the vacuum cleaner. The back of the couch is the safest place 'cos it is the only place where I know I won't get sooked up into the hoover! Hee hee

I did manage out a few times but I had to get dried off when I came home again, but that didn't stop me going out lots of more times. My little weather man friend says it is going to be very hot on my island so I am looking forward to that and to being outside with my humans. My MH said that as soon as it is dry, she is going to get rid of all the naughty weeds that have grown up in my garden, and of course I will be able to help her and we always have good fun doing that.

So, I am hoping that there won't be any rain tomorrow and we can all go out to play together. Paws crossed!

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