Saturday, 30 July 2016

Some More Views

You know I told you that my MH was at the dentist yesterday? Well, for some reason known only to her dear little self, she tooked her camera with you and so you can see some pictures of Stromness. In the second picture, my house is right in the middle on the top of the little hill that you can see. The big hills are on Hoy and I can see them from my garden when I am out hunting and exploring.

I have had another good day just doing pussy cat things and getting a little bit wet when Iwent outside in the rain. It didn't rain a lot. It just rained when I was quite far away from my house. But you all know what happened when I went home, don't you? Yep, I got cuddled dry again. It is well worth getting wet for.

My humans have had an easy day too but my MH did go out for a while to do some more crafty things so me and the old boy just sat and had a blether and a snooze. Well, I snoozed and he did some reading until the Boss came back and then I sat on her knee and listened to all that she had been doing.

I just love it when she talks to me and strokes my adorable little lugs at the same time. Yep, being a puss is definitely brilliant.

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  1. I really enjoy looking at the Hoy hills and the water. Such beauty, as are you little Squeak. Piper and Sully send lots of purrs. They are growing and sometimes get into trouble, but their family loves them and forgives them.