Thursday, 14 July 2016


It's me---Squeak and I'm back again. I got a great big beautiful surprise this afternoon when my door opened and I wandered through to my kitchen expecting to see my friend M. who has been looking after me, but instead it was my humans back again from their holiday and I was such a happy puss.

I was perfectly fine while they were away 'cos everybody looked after me and made sure I wasn't hungry or lonely, but I do miss my humans when they are not with me and my MH told me that she missed me lots and lots too, so that was OK.

I asked them where they had been and they told me it was roads and I didn't like to tell them that I didn't think going on holiday to see roads was a very good idea but I didn't want to hurt them. They are quite odd at times! Sigh.

Anyway, that is all for just now 'cos I told the old dear that she could write and tell you that I am very well and very happy now that they are home, but she has to put her computer away and let me sit on her knee for as long as I want. She owes me, big time! Hee hee

I will tell you lots more tomorrow.

Note from Squeak's MH. We had a brilliant time in Rhodes and a big thank you to everyone who took such good care of my adorable little Squeak while we were away. You may not have noticed, but I love her to bits! :-)

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