Thursday, 21 July 2016

Very Confusing

I am getting really confused with all this weather changes. One day it is roasting hot and I am nearly a cooked puss and the next day I am nearly drowning in all the rain! And today? Not quite just as hot but definitely a lot drier so I am happier but confused!

I went outside this morning even before I had eaten my breakfast but managed to nip in through the window just in time for me wee drop of milk. Wonderful. My MH was doing some housework but as my DH was wandering in and out of the house, she left the door open and I like that 'cos I can lie on the carpet in my porch and watch what is happening outside and still keep an eye on what the old dear is doing in case she needs my help.

She told my DH that she was going to cut the grass 'cos the rain and warm had made it all grow again, so he said he would do some more weeding and that's where I went. Well, there is nothing I can do with the mower, but I can help carry the weeds. When she was finished, we had a play together and I rolled on the new cut grass which was lovely and it made my MH smile.

I am now stretched out on my couch beside my MH and I am having my after dinner snooze, but in a while I shall be heading outside and I shall stay out very late if the weather stays good.

I just love these night times.

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