Tuesday, 19 July 2016

What a Day

My dear little weather man friend was right when he told me we would have a good day and we did, although it wasn't just a 'good' day----it was a brilliant day!

As soon as I wakened up, I did my usual and nipped to the window to see what the weather was like and it was beautiful. Lots of sunshine and no wind or rain. Yippee! A day outside for me and my humans.

There was some housework to do first 'cos my MH had to dust all the bedrooms and change one of the beds, so I had to help her a wee bit and we had our usual good fun with me getting tickled lots and lots. My DH was in the greenhouse and I went in and had a wee chat to some of our tomatoes. I will ask the old dear to take some pictures for you.They are coming along quite nicely but they aren't very red yet so I think I need to do more purring at them.

Later on in the morning, when all the housework was done, me and my MH were outside picking up some of the naughty little weeds that had growed up in my garden while my humans were on holiday. My DH had made her a kneeler thingy so that her little knees wouldn't get sore and he tooked a picture of her today so that I could show you what she was doing. It was very hot on my little island so I had to keep wandering about looking for some shade 'cos I didn't want to be a cooked Squeak!

We had a brilliant day and we were all outside for most of it which was just brilliant. It is evening time now and it is still warm, so I think I shall be outside for a very, very long time. I hope!

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  1. So glad you had a brilliant day, Squeak. The kneeler thingy is really a great idea. What I would need is a sitter thingy, 'cause my knees don't work too well.