Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

Me and my MH have had a very good day while my DH was away to the Cat Shop. Wednesday is a kind of lazy day for the old dear 'cos she just does little bits of work and has lots of rests which means she has plenty of time for me and she plays with me whenever I ask, so Wednesday is one of my favourite days.

After my DH had gone away to the boat, I sat with my MH and finished off my little drop of milk and then we had a chat while she scratched my adorable little lugs and I listened carefully to what she was telling me.

She had some stuff to do with cards that she and her friends had made when she was at the Craft afternoon, so I decided to have a snooze until she was finished and then it was play time so I asked her to play hide and Squeak with me and this is me hiding behind my living room door, but as you can see, she founded me!

It was good fun though and we both liked it a lot. Maybe we will play again. I hope so, but I know I only have to put on 'the look' and she is putty in my paws!

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