Wednesday, 31 August 2016


My MH has been talking to me ALL day! I like it it when she talks to me. You know that, don't you? BUT! I also need a wee bit peace and quiet and I'm afraid I wasn't getting that today. I know she was being kind and making up for neglecting me yesterday, but oh dear, my adorable little lugs were getting a wee bit sore, and I was forced to head out into the fields to find a quiet spot for a while. Hee hee

My DH nipped away to the Cat Shop and we sat for a while talking about what we were going to do and my MH said she needed to do the housework that didn't get done yesterday so I knew the vacuum cleaner would be making an appearance at some time, but then she told me she was going to change the sheets and duvet covers again and right away I offered my assistance 'cos I just love helping her when she does that and I had brilliant fun as usual.

I hid in the pillow cases and inspected the inside of the duvet covers and I got tickled and cuddled lots of times and I liked that lots, but it was when we were finished doing that, that I decided to head out into the great outdoors and I stayed there for a long time until it was time for me to wander back to see what the old dear was up to.

I am having my snooze now but I know I shall be heading out later. What I have noticed is that it is getting darker much earlier now, but I quite like the dark so I shall be quite happy playing outside until very late.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Both my humans were away out today as they needed to go to Kirkwall and because the wind was howling when they left, the window had to be closed for me. They didn't go away too early so I was able to have a quick run round my garden after my breakfast, but after that I was on my own and all shut in. And that was a great shame because the wind went away somewhere else and the sun came out making my little island lovely and warm and I couldn't get outside into the warmth. Boo :-(

I snuggled in beside some of the soft toys and had a snooze and when I wakened up I tried to have a chat to them, but they didn't say very much back to me. In fact they didn't say anything at all! Shame.

I missed my MH talking to me. You see, she talks to me all day and I like that. As you know, I tend to follow her all over my house when she is working and she tells me all the things she is doing and that always makes me feel so happy, so when she's not there to talk to me, I feel a wee bit sad, but then I look forward to when she is back home with me again.

As soon as the humans comed home, I got a great big cuddle and then the door was left open for me so I could wander in and out as I pleased and that was the good part of my day. It is still a fine evening, so when I have finished my little after dinner snooze I shall be outside again until it gets dark and late.

I like that lots.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Just Normal

That's what my Monday has been but I like normal. My DH nipped away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop and me and the Boss had a chat about what we would do with our Monday although I sort of knew it would involve the duster and the vacuum cleaner and I was right.

The weather was fine so I was able to nip in and out as I pleased and because I have perfect hearing or 'ear-sight' as my MH says hee hee I only nipped in when the hoover noise had stopped 'cos I knew there would be a cuddle for me.

My MH didn't come out too much today but for a while she left the door open so I could watch her as I lay on my path and that made me happy. I even had a wee alfresco purr!

In the afternoon I did some resting and some posing for her as she tooked some pictures for you. I had a snooze beside my soft toys and I was very comfortable but then I thought you might like to see my two very favourite toys. One in the big blue hippo and the other one is my MH's teddy bear which she got over fifty years ago and he still growls!

As you can see, there isn't very much room for me to rest up there and between you and me and I am much more comfortable on one of my beds!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Lazy Day

We have all had a very good day today and again the weather was just to my liking with no wind and some warm sunshine. Purr-fect weather for an adorable little puss to get out to play. I have hardly been inside the whole day. Just a couple of wee trips in to make sure my MH was fine. And she was.

She was having a resting day 'cos she was a bit tired with all her grass cutting yesterday but she did wander out to the garden a couple of times to see me which made me happy. My DH was outside a lot because he was strimming all the edges of the grass to tidy the whole garden after the old dear had run round with her mower and that made her very happy---and that means good news for me and him!

I have just wandered and explored and rested in the heat and I have had a very good Sunday. I hope your Sunday has been a good one too.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

A Very Happy Little Puss

That's me! I have a super-duper day and have loved every single minute of it. Me and my MH were up first this morning---not too early but definitely NOT as early as yesterday It is not good for an old dear like her, so we were back to normal this morning.

It was a lovely morning with no rain and no wind but there were lots of little midgies. They don't bother me too much, but oh dear, they do pester the humans and make them all scratch. Anyway, in spite of these pesky little creatures my MH told me she was going to cut the grass, so we both headed outside after our breakfast. I watched her for a while and occasionally nipped through the fence to have a little me time which every puss needs, but I kept wandering back to see what she was doing.

Soon she was finished the grass and it was time to hang out the washing which meant pole dancing time for this adorable little Squeak and even though I say it myself, I excelled myself. Up and down with such a flourish I thought my humans would never stop laughing, but I was so happy to have company outside.

Our last job was to do some weeding and I pretended to be a garden ornament and I think I looked stunningly adorable but my modesty forces me to keep that thought to my dear little self!

I hope you like my pictures and I hope you have a good weekend.

Friday, 26 August 2016

A Lonely Day

I have been all alone for most of the day today 'cos both my humans have been very busy working with all the other people on my little island and my dear old MH was even up very early to go away to out Hall, so yours truly has been out playing since half past seven in this morning.I am a wee bit tired now and my poor old MH is jiggered. Shame.

You will understand if there isn't a today's picture of me and this one in very like yesterday's one but I still look adorable, sure I do? I have been promised that the whole weekend will be put aside for me except for a while with the lawn mower if the weather allows it. It was supposed to be raining today but it never comed so I am kind of hoping it might come tomorrow although that means that I wouldn't get out to play much, so maybe it would be better if it stayed dry even if it does mean the mower!

At least we won't be getting up in the middle if the night! And of course, I shall let you know what kind of day we have had AND I want some more gorgeous pictures of me!

Watch this space.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Good Day

I have hardly been in my house at all today as I have been having so much fun outside. I'm not doing anything special just all the normal things but I have been having a good time doing them.

We have had some visitors to my house so I did go inside when they were in 'cos I know I always get cuddled but apart from that I was out all afternoon until just before dinner time. One time, I made my humans laugh 'cos I was hungry so I nipped in my window, had a wee nibble at my dinner and my biscuits and then asked my DH to open the door for me and went straight back outside again and they thought that it was quite funny.

When I did finally decide to stay in, I discovered I was a bit tired so I found a couple of very comfortable spots to have a sleep and you can see how simply adorable I look.

I stayed there until dinner time and now I am snuggled up beside my MH as she is writing this, but it is still quite a fine evening, so I shall head out again soon.

And goodness knows how long I shall be this time!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A Super Day

I have had a very good day and the weather has been to my liking so all is well in my little world. My DH nipped off to the Cat Shop and me and my MH had a seat on my couch and a little blether and then I left her and went out to play. It was lovely. The grass was warm and I found a brilliant wee place where I could settle down away from the pesky swallows and just lie in the open air and snooze. Wonderful!

That is how I spent most of my day. Wandering around my garden and the fields and then nipping back inside to see how my MH was getting on. She was always fine but I just had to make sure. I did hear her mention to the old boy that she might cut the grass tomorrow, so it might not be just as peaceful around my house, but I can suffer it now as it doesn't take too long and I do like when I have a little bit of company outside.

And she does make a good job of the grass!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Still Misty

Our weather isn't changing very much at all just now and my little island is wet and misty, but does it keep this intrepid little pussycat in? No, indeed it does not! I must admit I have become a bit of a 'door ditherer' and it drives my MH dippy, although she never gets cross . Well, I just wouldn't let her! Hee hee.

I usually have a look outside and think that I might head out so I ask if the door can be opened for me and my MH heads that way with me still sitting inside looking out and thinking. Now, sometimes I take a long time thinking and she closes the door again. I have another wee look and this time I wander closer to the door and she tries again, but I still don't go out and the door gets closed again. When I try for the third time, I KNOW that I have to go out or it might be the soup pot!

I don't have much news for you 'cos it is very quiet on my little island just now and most of the birdies are away on their holidays and the nice farmer man next door has put his cows and sheeps in another field that isn't near my house, so it is a bit lonely for me when I go out, but I know that as soon as I go home, my humans will play with me or let me sit with them while they stroke my adorable little lugs and that makes me very happy again.

So I don't really mind if it is not too nice outside 'cos it is always lovely inside my house!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Another Misty Morning

I wakened up this morning and the whole world had disappeared again and my world was all white. I had my breakfast and then nipped out and although it was just a wee bit damp, it was really quite fine, so I stayed out for a long time. This mist stayed over my little island for a long, long time and then it finally disappeared and that was much better.

I didn't do anything very special so I'm afraid I don't have any exciting news for you today. My DH was away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH did the usual Monday things in my house with me nipping in and out of the mist and then having a wee snooze when I comed home again.

I did notice that when the old boy came home, he was carrying big pots of paint and rollers as well and when I listened very carefully I learned that they are going to be painting one of my bedrooms. Oh joy! I think I might ask my friend S. if I can go and stay with her until it is all finished.

Not a happy Squeak!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Funny Day

It has been a funny odd day today 'cos every now and then the rest of the world would disappear as the mist rolled in and then it would all appear again and the sky would be blue and that kept happening all day. Very odd.

I was out VERY late night and I liked it lots and lots but I'm afraid the old dear wasn't too terribly pleased with me, but did she say anything? Of course, not! But you knew that, didn't you? Anyway, as I told you, we had a visitor last night and she made a great big fuss of me which I loved and then they went away to the party, but they left the window open for me which was fine.

It was just be a great big coincidence that I was outside when the little kangaroo rolled back again and I ran up to great the humans and our lady visitor just loved that. We all went into my house for a chat and I got lots of cuddles, but I was still rather full of beans so I asked to go out but by this time it was nearly two o'clock in this morning and my humans were tired. We had a family meeting and it was decided to let me out and leave the window open so that made me very, very happy and oft I went until much later, but it was brilliant.

My MH had to get up quite early to take our visitor to the boat but I was too tired to get up so I just stayed in my little bed and snored and that was good too.

So, we have all had a rather quiet day and I think the old dear will be in bed early although Andy is playing tennis later on so she might watch that. I don't know, but I will find out soon.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Saturday Again

And a very misty day for me to play in. I have been out lots of times and have enjoyed myself although the grass is wet on my adorable little feets--- and on other bits of my anatomy as well! But maybe you didn't want to hear that!

My humans have been resting and they told me there was some good news and some bad news for me. There is a dance in our Hall tonight so they are going away to leave me for a while but we are having a visitor to stay with us and I know the lady who is coming and I like her.

But what is better is that she likes me and always makes a fuss of me, so I shall just have a snooze until they come home again and then I shall take up my 'adore me, please' position! It never fails!

So the news isn't too bad really. I hope you are having a good weekend.

Friday, 19 August 2016

More Good Times

I don't have anything exciting to tell you, but I have had a very good day. I like Fridays 'cos, as you know, it is s string day and I am glad to say that our messages shop has decided to stop using sticky tape and tie our boxes up with string, I can play with it and that's what my DH did today while the old dear was putting all the food away. We had brilliant fun.

There was no vacuum cleaner and no cleaning so plenty of time for me. I went out to play lots of times but every time I went indoors there was a great big cuddle waiting for me, so I kept going home rather often! I do like my cuddles---but you knew that didn't you?

My humans didn't do very much so it was a lovely quiet house and I must admit that I nodded off a couple of times when I was on the back of my couch watching the birdies but I was oh, so comfortable.

I am having a snooze, but I shall head outside again in a wee while although it is a bit cooler tonight so I think I shall come home early and snuggle up beside my MH. So you can see why I am having more good times.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


It has been an OK day today weather-wise, but not as warm and sunny as yesterday and I was a little upset, but then I decided to be happy again and nipped out into the fields and it was then that I got a great big surprise 'cos the nice farmer man had put some of his cows in the field and that meant that I would have lots of company when I go out again tonight. Whoopee!! I can hardly wait.

My day turned out much better that I had first thought and I played for a long time in some of my favourite places and then I helped my DH in our greenhouse. It is great being able to escape there when my MH is running round my house behind the vacuum cleaner and there is a comfortable chair there for me too so I can have a rest while I am purring to my tomatoes. My MH is very pleased with the ones that we have been bringing into her, and there are still lots more nearly ready, so I think I will need to go into the greenhouse a bit more often to help them get bigger and redder.

I will be doing that a lot next week 'cos my MH has just told me that she is going away to leave me next week. She told be that it is fifty years since she becomed a teacher and there is a big reunion in Glasgow next Thursday, so she asked me if it was OK if she went and although it made me a bit sad, I said 'of course'

I couldn't say anything else now, could I?

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Still Brilliant

I don't know what my little weather man has done, but he has given me some absolutely brilliant weather.
It has been hot and sunny with just a little wind----Squeak Mathieson,Graemsay, News at Ten!! Hee hee

I have been outside the whole day and it has been simply wonderful.My DH went away to the Cat Shop and although he loves going, I think he wanted to stay here with me and my MH and be outside in all the warm rather in the shop, but he went anyway, and me and my MH had a wee blether about what our day would be like.

She decided that it was the day for cutting the grass, so I took up my position on my bench and just watched her until she was finished and then I got a big cuddle. I am having a snooze now 'cos I know I will be going out in a wee while and I will stay out till it is very late.

You know we have lovely sunsets just outside my window and this is a picture that was taken last night when the nice farmer man next door was gathering in some of his hay. I made sure I didn't go into the field 'cos I didn't want to end up in a big bale. That would not be very good at all, would it?

The next picture is of some of my little birdie friends asking me to tell my DH to bring them out some food. I did, and he did, so the little birdies are full up now. I think they like coming to my garden 'cos there is always something for them to eat and they can see me too. Perfect, is it not?

And this is me and some of my MH's soft toys. They are lovely but I told her if she gets any more, there won't be room for me on the bed. I am sure she will listen---if not I know how to kick them on to the floor. Don't tell her, but I have done it before and she doesn't suspect a thing!

Sometimes I wonder about her! :-))

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

What a Day

I have had a crackin' day. The weather has been glorious so I have been outside the en-tire day and loving every single magic second of it.

I was just a wee bit upset when my MH went away in her little car this morning, but she was back just two hours later.She had to go to Stromness to get her hair cut but she comed back to me as quickly as she could and I was very happy then. I gave her a wee purr and then I disappeared outside again, but she didn't mind at all and even comed outside to see me.

My DH has been outside nearly all day too, so I have company whenever I want it, but I have found a very special hiding place where I can go and just be all alone whenever I want to and it's not too far away from my house so I can be home in the wink of this adorable little eye!

I think I might be staying out very late tonight 'cos it is just simply a beautiful night and too good for this adorable little puss to be in the house. I shall tell you tomorrow.

Monday, 15 August 2016

I am tired

I can hear you all asking why I am tired and of course I will tell you. I had a very good day yesterday and was out playing lots of times as well as having lots of seats on my MH's knee whenever I felt like it.

I had a play before bedtime and I was quite surprised to see my MH still up when I went home again. Normally she is in her wee bed and it is just me and my DH at dark time, but there she was still watching the television and when I had a look I understood why. She was watching Andy and hoping that he would win his gold medal, but it was late and the poor old thing was getting tired---- and so was I.

We sat for a while and then she finally put off the television and I was happy 'cos we were going to bed. But do you know what she did then? She put on the television in the bedroom and watched Andy there! Oh dear, what a noise she was making. I couldn't get to sleep no matter how hard I tried, but finally he got his gold medal and we were all very, very happy for him---and we all got to sleep!

My DH went away to the Cat Shop as usual and my MH did her housework, but a lot slower than normal 'cos she was still a wee bit tired. I went outside with her to help hang up the washing and I had really good fun running round my garden and up and down the clothes poles. It was a warm day, so I was outside lots of times.

You know that my MH does some crafty things with her friends? Well, here is a jigsaw that my DH made yesterday. I hope you like it. I think he is very clever.

My MH had another job to do and that was to feed some hens and wild pussy cats for our friend M. who is away her holidays. It is near to my house and my MH just walked there but she couldn't take me in case the wild puss cats frightened me---and we wouldn't like that at all. So I was happy just to wait for her to come back to me again.

We have had a good day but I have a feeling we will all be in our little beds very early tonight :-))

Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Lovely Sunday

I hope you have had a good Sunday 'cos we have all had a lovely day in my house. It was still a wee bit wet outside but not enough to keep us in and me and my humans have all been outside at some time, although I have been out a lot more than them.

I have been able to play and when I nipped home I was able to sit with my MH and watch some of the Olympics and now we are going to watch Andy playing for a medal. I am just a wee bit sad that it won't be Raffa he is playing but all my little paws are crossed for him.

I hope you like today's pictures. You know that we always put food out for my little birdie friends and this was them all lining up this morning waiting for one of my humans to take it out to them. We put food out at both sides of my house and lots of birdies come for a feed and I just watch them and never frighten them away 'cos my MH told me that wouldn't be very good. And you all know I am a VERY good puss!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Soggy Saturday

Remember I told you that this was the week for all the agricultural shows on Orkney and that today was the big County Show? Well, the weather yesterday was a bit wet and a lot windy and one of the big tents blew down yesterday afternoon and lots of people had to try and put it back up again. Today hasn't been too windy but it is still a bit wet and that's a shame for all the people who were going there today.

My humans stayed home with me and although it was wet, I still got out to play a lot of times so I was quite happy. I was out very late last night. So late that my DH had to go to bed and 'cos it was so wet he couldn't leave the window open for me so my poor old MH had to stay awake and after a while she got up and called for me, but I'm afraid she had to call lots of times before I decided to go home. But she wasn't angry. You knew she wouldn't be, didn't you ----'cos she loves me MILLIONS!!

Anyway, I eventually nipped up onto the window sill and she let me in and then I got dried and cuddled. I had a wee feed and nipped into bed and I think I was asleep before the poor old thing had put all the lights out again and got back to bed. Sorry MH.

We have had a quiet day and my MH was away to the Hall again to do crafty things with her friends and me and my DH watched the rowing until she comed home to us again and then we watched Andy. Well, I watched for a little while but decided it was just too much for my little nerves, so I took my adorable little self into my wee hoose and I just listened.

I knew how the game was going by the sounds my humans were making and I am very happy to say that there weren't too many 'Oh Andy's this afternoon and he won his game which made us all very happy. I am extra happy now 'cos I am watching Raffa and I am just waiting for him to win so that he will smile at me and that makes my adorable little legs go all funny.

Oh I do hope he wins and then I will be glued to my television tomorrow.

Friday, 12 August 2016


I have had a very good day 'cos it is Friday and we all know that Friday in my house is string day and string day means a fun day for this little puss. Oh, did I forget to put in 'adorable'? Hee hee

My weather was a little bit better today so I was able to get outside lots of times and even though the grass was a tad wet, I still enjoyed playing in it. I was outside when I saw my DH coming back from the pier and I knew he was bringing all our messages, so I nipped in my house and waited patiently for him to take the string off the box and then I asked him to play with me and as you can see from today's photographs, he did just that and we had great fun.

If you look closely you will see that I am a very agile little puss and I am even ambi-pawed! My two front paws are quite magic. My other paws are quite good too, but I normally use them for holding me up while my front ones are doing all the hard work and making me look brilliant!

I had another fraught wee while in the afternoon while me and my MH watched Andy playing tennis again. Oh, I do like watching him but I don't think my little nerves can take it day after day. And I noticed the old dear was looking a but fraught too!

The sooner he wins his gold medal, the better!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Oh Dear

It is not an 'oh dear' for me. No, it is for my DH and of course I shall tell you why. This is the time of year on Orkney when all the islands and parishes have their farming shows with the big one--the County Show--on Saturday, and today was the Dounby Show and the Cat Protection people had a stall there so my DH was helping. OK?

Well, the alarm went off at half past seven o'clock in this morning and up he got and of course I got up with him to keep him company for a little while 'cos my MH was still sleeping. I looked out of the window and I did feel sorry for the old boy 'cos there was a thick mist and it was raining, but off he went anyway and I nipped back to bed with the old dear for another wee snooze.

Me and her had a good day. She did some housework and played with me lots of times and we both went out in the rain to feed the little birdies and then we sat together and I watched as she made some more friendship bracelets and I was a very good puss 'cos I didn't try to catch her threads as she was pulling them everywhere and she told me I was a very good Squeak. But we all knew that already, didn't we?

So,later on at about six o'clock in this evening, my DH came home again and he was a wee bit very wet 'cos the rain had not stopped all day but me and my MH cuddled him dry again. Well, I gave him a cuddle and she gave him a towel! Hee hee

When he told us all about his day, we all sat down and watched Andy winning his match, but we were all shouting at
my television and I was purring as well and I am sure that is what helped him to win. I am liking these Olympics and there are quite a few things that I might try later, but I won't tell you what they are until I have perfected

Watch this space!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Another Good Day

It was warm and sunny today, but I'm afraid it is raining now and I think that might be my MH's fault 'cos she washed all the outsides of our windows this morning! Hee hee

Our day started off as normal with me and my MH waving my DH away to the Cat Shop and then having a wee chat about our day and since the weather was lovely it was decided that we would do outside things and that made me a very happy little puss 'cos you know how I love being outside and double love it when my humans are with me. So, after our breakfast--and my little drop of milk, me and the old dear headed outside with the stepladders, the basin and the window drier thingy and while she was making the windows all clean and sparkly again, yours truly was wandering around my garden beside her exploring and purring and just being a very happy little Squeak.

When she had finished the windows, it was time to hang out the washing and that meant it was pole climbing time for me and one time I was right at the top of the pole and I nearly bumped into a little swallow birdie that wasn't looking where it was going! Oh what a funny look at had on its little face when it saw me away, way up high. I did have a wee chuckle on my way down the pole again.

After this was all done, my MH wanted to stay out with me, so we decided to pull up all the naughty weeds and we stayed out for ages and ages until we were both tired, but oh we loved it. When we went in, I had a snooze and my MH had a wee rest and when we looked out of our window, we saw that it was starting to rain and my MH was very happy with all the work that she had done and glad that she got it all finished before the rain did come on.

And of course I was very happy too.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


My day has been much better 'cos there was less wind and not much rain at all so I was able to get outside as much as I wanted. It is a wee bit cooler than I would like but that didn't stop me running through the grass lots of times.

As well as getting lots of fresh air and exercise, I also had lots of snoozes and one time my MH lied down on the bed beside me and the next thing we were both snoring and my DH had to come and see where we were, but he just left us snoring! I only know this 'cos he told my MH when finally she wakened up and they both had a giggle. I liked it lots.

I don't have a lot of news because things have been very quite just now but I am happy just doing lots of puss cat things and this afternoon I sat on my MH's knee and we watched Andy winning his tennis match again.

We are watching lots of sports just now but I haven't seen anything that I would like to do. I will just keep watching!

Monday, 8 August 2016

Miserable Monday

I haven't been miserable 'cos I am NEVER miserable. Sometimes I am a wee bit sad if my humans are away from me, but normally I am a very happy little puss. No, it was the weather that was miserable. My little weather man friend said it would be very wet and windy on my little island, and he was right.

As soon as I got up---which was the same time as my DH who was supposed to be going to the Cat Shop--- I ran to the window and could see the rain and I could hear the wind, so I had a wee nibble at my breakfast and nipped back to bed beside my MH and we had a cuddle and a chat till it was time for her to get up.

Now, did you notice that I said my DH was supposed to be going to the Cat Shop? Well it was so windy that he decided to stay at home with me and my MH in case he didn't get home again. So we were all at home today and we had good fun all being together. The wind never stopped and sometimes there were really heavy rain showers and guess who got stuck outside in the middle of one of these? Yep. Me!

I had just nipped out for some fresh air and when I was quite far away from my house, the rain started to pour and this adorable little puss got wet. Very wet and not very happy! As soon as the wind tooked a breath and the rain stopped a wee bit, I scooted home and hammered on the window till my MH opened it for me and when I told her I was wet and cold, she cuddled me dry and made me warm again.

I was a wee bit worried in case all the wet had made me shrunk, so I had a look in the mirror and I was still as adorable as ever. And the same size! Phew.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

What a Day

You know I like Sundays 'cos they are normally lazy days for me and my humans and there is always lots of time for me, but today was a wee bit different. It was good though and I was a very happy puss.

As usual, we had a longer sleep but when I did get up, I could hear the rain and the wind, so I decided that it would probably be an inside day for us all---and I was right. Well, I usually am. Sure I am? I did manage out a couple of times and although it was windy, it wasn't very cold, so I was fine. My MH did some baking and there was a baby sized pancake for me which I gobbled up, but it is then that we got a big surprise 'cos my friends J. and A. came back to see me and J. brought a friend of his to meet me and she just loves puss cats so I gave her the full Squeak treatment and she loved it---and me!

It was a busy day in my house after that 'cos we had lots of visitors and I had lots of knees to sit on which made me an extremely happy little puss. I just spent my afternoon going from one to another and getting lots and lots of cuddles.

I hope all my Sundays are like this and I hope you had a good Sunday too.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Squeak's Saturday

A very strange thing happened in my house this morning 'cos my DH was up first before me and my MH! That usually only happens on a Monday and Wednesday when he has to go to the Cat Shop, but never on a Saturday and for a minute or two I was a bit confuddled, but I got up anyway and let him feed me.

It was a fine enough morning so I nipped out to play and when I came home again,my MH was up as well so we all had a chat together and I sat on my MH's knee and let her stroke my adorable little lugs while we worked out what we were going to do with our day. It didn't take too long 'cos my humans decided that they were going to have a rest and do very little except look after me. I did not argue!

I have been outside lots of times and I have been very happy to play in the grass and just wander around my estate doing pussy cat things while my humans were in my house doing human things. But my MH went out for a while to go to the Hall with her friends to do craft things and I just waited patiently till she comed home again and then I was right back up on her knee where I started my day!

Yes, Saturdays are good for this little puss and I hope they are good for you too.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Not Much News

I have done lots today but I can't tell you 'cos my MH was away out with our friends S. and M. and I was left in charge of my house and my DH and although I say it myself, I did a very good job. My DH told the Boss when she came home that I had been a very good puss, so I got a special cuddle from her.

It was a very fine day so my DH had lots to do outside and so that meant that I could be outside while I was watching him and I did lots of hunting and sniffing which I love, but the bestest bit was when I could just lie on my path being lovely and warm and watching the birdies flying high up in the sky.

I lay there for a long time until I saw the little kangaroo coming up the road bringing my MH back to me and as soon as it stopped, I bounded across the garden to meet her and she lifted me up and cuddled me tight and I loved it.

So I have had a very good day.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

A Bit Better

I was very tired this morning and I don't really know why, but I didn't get up till a long time after my MH. I had a very lazy breakfast and then I headed outside for a while. It was a wee bit wet but it soon cleared up and I enjoyed just sniffing around my garden and watching the birdies.I did everything very slowly though 'cos my energy hadn't wakened up yet---but it did in a wee while!

My DH was still busy in our greenhouse so I nipped in to see him and make sure he wasn't too lonely and he liked that lots. After a while, I noticed my MH was in her little gym, so I scooted round to see what she was doing and she talked to me while she was busy and I liked that.

I have been out a lot of times today and there has been lots for me to do, so I think I might be a bit tired again tomorrow morning! I heard my MH telling the old boy that she was having the day out with our friends S. and M. so I will be left in charge of my house and I will have to look after my DH.

That will be OK 'cos he is quite easy to look after and he is beginning to be as good as my MH at knowing just exactly what I want.

I have trained them both very well, methinks. Hee hee

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Not Quite So Crackin'

My alarm went off this morning at half past seven o'clock which is virtually unheard of in my house, but it was because my MH had to go to Stromness and she needed to get the first boat. I was still very sleepy and I didn't want to waken up so I just stayed lying where I was and my MH just left me. My DH was still sleeping too 'cos he wasn't going away until the second boat so I knew there would be someone to feed me if I had another wee snooze. I did manage to get up in time to give the old dear a wee purr as she went away then I nipped back to bed.

I let my DH feed me and saw him off and then I went outside. It was a funny morning 'cos when my MH went away it was thick fog and we couldn't see the rest of the world, but by the time the old boy went away, it was getting sunny and the mist was clearing so he could leave the window open for me which was fine as it meant I could get out to play whenever I wanted, so I had quite a good day really.

Both my humans came home together and I got lots of cuddles and a wee surprise for my dinner 'cos my MH brought home some salmon and there was a wee bit for me. Oh yummy. I gobbled it up and I loved it, so I hope she brings me some more again.

I had another play after my dinner but the mist came back and brought some rain with it, so I didn't stay out too long and just went back inside for a seat on my MH's knee and I think I might be there until bed time!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A Crackin' Day

We have all had a brilliant day and I for one am a very happy little Squeak. There was no rain and no wind when we all got up so my MH decided to cut our grass before she did some housework and I decided I needed to help her. Besides, it was warm, so I wanted to be outside and I love it best when my humans are out with me, so I just followed her round my garden as she toddled behind the mower. It was lovely.

We were out for a long time and then when my MH had to go inside to play with her vacuum cleaner, I lay and rolled on my grass and I enjoyed it lots so I stayed there for a long,long time. My MH tooked some pictures for you of me and some of my little birdie friends when they were coming for their dinner.

My favourite picture today is the one of me sitting on my MH's knee. She had just had her shower and had on her dressing gown and I was very comfortable so my DH tooked this picture. It is not my favourite dressing gown 'cos she keeps the big furry one for winter, but this one is quite cosy for my adorable little body, and I like that one too.

No doubt she will put it on again tonight and I will have a snooze on her knee 'cos I have had a very busy day and I will need a long rest before I go out again later on.

Oh yes, a crackin' day!

Monday, 1 August 2016

Here We Go Again

It is Monday again. But you know that don't you? My MH asked me where the time had gone 'cos it just seemed like yesterday when it was last Monday.

It was a normal Monday Chez Squeak with my DH nipping away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop and me and the old dear having a seat and a chat about what we were going to do with the day, but I sort of knew the answer to that one, and I think you probably know too. Yep. It was houseworking day with polishes and brushes and the vacuum cleaner, so I nipped outside for a while until I knew the coast was clear.

It was quite a good day weather wise, so my MH left the door open and I could nip in and out as often as I pleased for a cuddle or a kind word, but sometimes I just lay in my porch and looked out at the little birdies that were in my garden and I was nice and cosy, so it all worked out fine.

I did give my humans a wee fright though when the old boy came home. I sat on the couch while he was telling us all that he had done and then I just sort of wandered off while they were putting away the things that he had brought home-----and they couldn't find me! My MH looked all over my house but I wasn't where she looked and although I heard her calling, I stayed hiding and then she had a brainwave. She knows all my little habits and soon she found me.

She knelt down on the floor and looked under the couch at the back of it, and who do you think was looking back at her? Yes! It was ME-----her adorable little Squeak and that made her very happy.

I was OK, but just felt I needed a wee while on my own, but when I saw my MH lying on the floor, I squeezed my adorable little body out again and cuddled up to her and that made us both very happy.