Thursday, 4 August 2016

A Bit Better

I was very tired this morning and I don't really know why, but I didn't get up till a long time after my MH. I had a very lazy breakfast and then I headed outside for a while. It was a wee bit wet but it soon cleared up and I enjoyed just sniffing around my garden and watching the birdies.I did everything very slowly though 'cos my energy hadn't wakened up yet---but it did in a wee while!

My DH was still busy in our greenhouse so I nipped in to see him and make sure he wasn't too lonely and he liked that lots. After a while, I noticed my MH was in her little gym, so I scooted round to see what she was doing and she talked to me while she was busy and I liked that.

I have been out a lot of times today and there has been lots for me to do, so I think I might be a bit tired again tomorrow morning! I heard my MH telling the old boy that she was having the day out with our friends S. and M. so I will be left in charge of my house and I will have to look after my DH.

That will be OK 'cos he is quite easy to look after and he is beginning to be as good as my MH at knowing just exactly what I want.

I have trained them both very well, methinks. Hee hee

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