Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A Crackin' Day

We have all had a brilliant day and I for one am a very happy little Squeak. There was no rain and no wind when we all got up so my MH decided to cut our grass before she did some housework and I decided I needed to help her. Besides, it was warm, so I wanted to be outside and I love it best when my humans are out with me, so I just followed her round my garden as she toddled behind the mower. It was lovely.

We were out for a long time and then when my MH had to go inside to play with her vacuum cleaner, I lay and rolled on my grass and I enjoyed it lots so I stayed there for a long,long time. My MH tooked some pictures for you of me and some of my little birdie friends when they were coming for their dinner.

My favourite picture today is the one of me sitting on my MH's knee. She had just had her shower and had on her dressing gown and I was very comfortable so my DH tooked this picture. It is not my favourite dressing gown 'cos she keeps the big furry one for winter, but this one is quite cosy for my adorable little body, and I like that one too.

No doubt she will put it on again tonight and I will have a snooze on her knee 'cos I have had a very busy day and I will need a long rest before I go out again later on.

Oh yes, a crackin' day!

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