Friday, 26 August 2016

A Lonely Day

I have been all alone for most of the day today 'cos both my humans have been very busy working with all the other people on my little island and my dear old MH was even up very early to go away to out Hall, so yours truly has been out playing since half past seven in this morning.I am a wee bit tired now and my poor old MH is jiggered. Shame.

You will understand if there isn't a today's picture of me and this one in very like yesterday's one but I still look adorable, sure I do? I have been promised that the whole weekend will be put aside for me except for a while with the lawn mower if the weather allows it. It was supposed to be raining today but it never comed so I am kind of hoping it might come tomorrow although that means that I wouldn't get out to play much, so maybe it would be better if it stayed dry even if it does mean the mower!

At least we won't be getting up in the middle if the night! And of course, I shall let you know what kind of day we have had AND I want some more gorgeous pictures of me!

Watch this space.

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