Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Lovely Sunday

I hope you have had a good Sunday 'cos we have all had a lovely day in my house. It was still a wee bit wet outside but not enough to keep us in and me and my humans have all been outside at some time, although I have been out a lot more than them.

I have been able to play and when I nipped home I was able to sit with my MH and watch some of the Olympics and now we are going to watch Andy playing for a medal. I am just a wee bit sad that it won't be Raffa he is playing but all my little paws are crossed for him.

I hope you like today's pictures. You know that we always put food out for my little birdie friends and this was them all lining up this morning waiting for one of my humans to take it out to them. We put food out at both sides of my house and lots of birdies come for a feed and I just watch them and never frighten them away 'cos my MH told me that wouldn't be very good. And you all know I am a VERY good puss!

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