Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A Super Day

I have had a very good day and the weather has been to my liking so all is well in my little world. My DH nipped off to the Cat Shop and me and my MH had a seat on my couch and a little blether and then I left her and went out to play. It was lovely. The grass was warm and I found a brilliant wee place where I could settle down away from the pesky swallows and just lie in the open air and snooze. Wonderful!

That is how I spent most of my day. Wandering around my garden and the fields and then nipping back inside to see how my MH was getting on. She was always fine but I just had to make sure. I did hear her mention to the old boy that she might cut the grass tomorrow, so it might not be just as peaceful around my house, but I can suffer it now as it doesn't take too long and I do like when I have a little bit of company outside.

And she does make a good job of the grass!

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