Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Another Good Day

It was warm and sunny today, but I'm afraid it is raining now and I think that might be my MH's fault 'cos she washed all the outsides of our windows this morning! Hee hee

Our day started off as normal with me and my MH waving my DH away to the Cat Shop and then having a wee chat about our day and since the weather was lovely it was decided that we would do outside things and that made me a very happy little puss 'cos you know how I love being outside and double love it when my humans are with me. So, after our breakfast--and my little drop of milk, me and the old dear headed outside with the stepladders, the basin and the window drier thingy and while she was making the windows all clean and sparkly again, yours truly was wandering around my garden beside her exploring and purring and just being a very happy little Squeak.

When she had finished the windows, it was time to hang out the washing and that meant it was pole climbing time for me and one time I was right at the top of the pole and I nearly bumped into a little swallow birdie that wasn't looking where it was going! Oh what a funny look at had on its little face when it saw me away, way up high. I did have a wee chuckle on my way down the pole again.

After this was all done, my MH wanted to stay out with me, so we decided to pull up all the naughty weeds and we stayed out for ages and ages until we were both tired, but oh we loved it. When we went in, I had a snooze and my MH had a wee rest and when we looked out of our window, we saw that it was starting to rain and my MH was very happy with all the work that she had done and glad that she got it all finished before the rain did come on.

And of course I was very happy too.

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