Monday, 22 August 2016

Another Misty Morning

I wakened up this morning and the whole world had disappeared again and my world was all white. I had my breakfast and then nipped out and although it was just a wee bit damp, it was really quite fine, so I stayed out for a long time. This mist stayed over my little island for a long, long time and then it finally disappeared and that was much better.

I didn't do anything very special so I'm afraid I don't have any exciting news for you today. My DH was away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH did the usual Monday things in my house with me nipping in and out of the mist and then having a wee snooze when I comed home again.

I did notice that when the old boy came home, he was carrying big pots of paint and rollers as well and when I listened very carefully I learned that they are going to be painting one of my bedrooms. Oh joy! I think I might ask my friend S. if I can go and stay with her until it is all finished.

Not a happy Squeak!

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