Monday, 15 August 2016

I am tired

I can hear you all asking why I am tired and of course I will tell you. I had a very good day yesterday and was out playing lots of times as well as having lots of seats on my MH's knee whenever I felt like it.

I had a play before bedtime and I was quite surprised to see my MH still up when I went home again. Normally she is in her wee bed and it is just me and my DH at dark time, but there she was still watching the television and when I had a look I understood why. She was watching Andy and hoping that he would win his gold medal, but it was late and the poor old thing was getting tired---- and so was I.

We sat for a while and then she finally put off the television and I was happy 'cos we were going to bed. But do you know what she did then? She put on the television in the bedroom and watched Andy there! Oh dear, what a noise she was making. I couldn't get to sleep no matter how hard I tried, but finally he got his gold medal and we were all very, very happy for him---and we all got to sleep!

My DH went away to the Cat Shop as usual and my MH did her housework, but a lot slower than normal 'cos she was still a wee bit tired. I went outside with her to help hang up the washing and I had really good fun running round my garden and up and down the clothes poles. It was a warm day, so I was outside lots of times.

You know that my MH does some crafty things with her friends? Well, here is a jigsaw that my DH made yesterday. I hope you like it. I think he is very clever.

My MH had another job to do and that was to feed some hens and wild pussy cats for our friend M. who is away her holidays. It is near to my house and my MH just walked there but she couldn't take me in case the wild puss cats frightened me---and we wouldn't like that at all. So I was happy just to wait for her to come back to me again.

We have had a good day but I have a feeling we will all be in our little beds very early tonight :-))

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