Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Both my humans were away out today as they needed to go to Kirkwall and because the wind was howling when they left, the window had to be closed for me. They didn't go away too early so I was able to have a quick run round my garden after my breakfast, but after that I was on my own and all shut in. And that was a great shame because the wind went away somewhere else and the sun came out making my little island lovely and warm and I couldn't get outside into the warmth. Boo :-(

I snuggled in beside some of the soft toys and had a snooze and when I wakened up I tried to have a chat to them, but they didn't say very much back to me. In fact they didn't say anything at all! Shame.

I missed my MH talking to me. You see, she talks to me all day and I like that. As you know, I tend to follow her all over my house when she is working and she tells me all the things she is doing and that always makes me feel so happy, so when she's not there to talk to me, I feel a wee bit sad, but then I look forward to when she is back home with me again.

As soon as the humans comed home, I got a great big cuddle and then the door was left open for me so I could wander in and out as I pleased and that was the good part of my day. It is still a fine evening, so when I have finished my little after dinner snooze I shall be outside again until it gets dark and late.

I like that lots.

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