Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Not Quite So Crackin'

My alarm went off this morning at half past seven o'clock which is virtually unheard of in my house, but it was because my MH had to go to Stromness and she needed to get the first boat. I was still very sleepy and I didn't want to waken up so I just stayed lying where I was and my MH just left me. My DH was still sleeping too 'cos he wasn't going away until the second boat so I knew there would be someone to feed me if I had another wee snooze. I did manage to get up in time to give the old dear a wee purr as she went away then I nipped back to bed.

I let my DH feed me and saw him off and then I went outside. It was a funny morning 'cos when my MH went away it was thick fog and we couldn't see the rest of the world, but by the time the old boy went away, it was getting sunny and the mist was clearing so he could leave the window open for me which was fine as it meant I could get out to play whenever I wanted, so I had quite a good day really.

Both my humans came home together and I got lots of cuddles and a wee surprise for my dinner 'cos my MH brought home some salmon and there was a wee bit for me. Oh yummy. I gobbled it up and I loved it, so I hope she brings me some more again.

I had another play after my dinner but the mist came back and brought some rain with it, so I didn't stay out too long and just went back inside for a seat on my MH's knee and I think I might be there until bed time!

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