Thursday, 11 August 2016

Oh Dear

It is not an 'oh dear' for me. No, it is for my DH and of course I shall tell you why. This is the time of year on Orkney when all the islands and parishes have their farming shows with the big one--the County Show--on Saturday, and today was the Dounby Show and the Cat Protection people had a stall there so my DH was helping. OK?

Well, the alarm went off at half past seven o'clock in this morning and up he got and of course I got up with him to keep him company for a little while 'cos my MH was still sleeping. I looked out of the window and I did feel sorry for the old boy 'cos there was a thick mist and it was raining, but off he went anyway and I nipped back to bed with the old dear for another wee snooze.

Me and her had a good day. She did some housework and played with me lots of times and we both went out in the rain to feed the little birdies and then we sat together and I watched as she made some more friendship bracelets and I was a very good puss 'cos I didn't try to catch her threads as she was pulling them everywhere and she told me I was a very good Squeak. But we all knew that already, didn't we?

So,later on at about six o'clock in this evening, my DH came home again and he was a wee bit very wet 'cos the rain had not stopped all day but me and my MH cuddled him dry again. Well, I gave him a cuddle and she gave him a towel! Hee hee

When he told us all about his day, we all sat down and watched Andy winning his match, but we were all shouting at
my television and I was purring as well and I am sure that is what helped him to win. I am liking these Olympics and there are quite a few things that I might try later, but I won't tell you what they are until I have perfected

Watch this space!

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