Saturday, 13 August 2016

Soggy Saturday

Remember I told you that this was the week for all the agricultural shows on Orkney and that today was the big County Show? Well, the weather yesterday was a bit wet and a lot windy and one of the big tents blew down yesterday afternoon and lots of people had to try and put it back up again. Today hasn't been too windy but it is still a bit wet and that's a shame for all the people who were going there today.

My humans stayed home with me and although it was wet, I still got out to play a lot of times so I was quite happy. I was out very late last night. So late that my DH had to go to bed and 'cos it was so wet he couldn't leave the window open for me so my poor old MH had to stay awake and after a while she got up and called for me, but I'm afraid she had to call lots of times before I decided to go home. But she wasn't angry. You knew she wouldn't be, didn't you ----'cos she loves me MILLIONS!!

Anyway, I eventually nipped up onto the window sill and she let me in and then I got dried and cuddled. I had a wee feed and nipped into bed and I think I was asleep before the poor old thing had put all the lights out again and got back to bed. Sorry MH.

We have had a quiet day and my MH was away to the Hall again to do crafty things with her friends and me and my DH watched the rowing until she comed home to us again and then we watched Andy. Well, I watched for a little while but decided it was just too much for my little nerves, so I took my adorable little self into my wee hoose and I just listened.

I knew how the game was going by the sounds my humans were making and I am very happy to say that there weren't too many 'Oh Andy's this afternoon and he won his game which made us all very happy. I am extra happy now 'cos I am watching Raffa and I am just waiting for him to win so that he will smile at me and that makes my adorable little legs go all funny.

Oh I do hope he wins and then I will be glued to my television tomorrow.

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